17. Dezember 2012:

Snap Show next Friday and a new Fronter

We’re very proud to announce… tatatatatatatammmmmm… our new Fronter: Capt’n T. Bone!! New Band-Pics will be there soon! For sure!!

A big preview of his amazing voice and his awesome beautyness (beware of squirting girls in front of the stage… ;-)) you can see next Friday in Hersbruck (21.12.12).

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30. Oktober 2012:

Head Bang Pogo Party deluxe!!

Vielen Dank an alle die uns in der Luise so kräftig gefeiert haben, an unsere Scarecrew, an Felix, an Oi! Und natürlich noch mal vielen Dank an Capt’n Coma (Hodi) für die geilen Gigs und den perfekten Abschluss in Nürnberg.

Wir sehen uns 2013. Und dann mit neuer Gewalt an den Vocs! chears

22. Oktober 2012:

Traurig aber wahr …

Leider verlässt Capt’n Coma ak Hodi das Party-Piratenfloß nach der kommenden Show am Samstag.
Jack ist seitdem in psychologischer Behandlung, um bis Samstag wieder fit zu sein.
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12. September 2012:

New Picture-Section in MEDIA-SECTION

Flyer Coburg

Hey folks,

there is a new picture-section in the media-area. We added few more picture of our first Concert in Erlangen. More Live Stuff’s coming so have a clocklike look on the media-page.

And then Coburg’s coming. 10 days left to a great Party with some awesome Bands in a fantastic Location. Have a closer look at Alley to Amber and PROMT!. More infos here in the tour-section.

Sooo, stay hard, have a party, we see u in Coburg! Chears! ;-)

15. August 2012:

storming regio Charts and new Shows

First of all, look at www.musikzentrale.com/regionalcharts! Unbelievable we’re on number 1! Please vote your ass off to keep this alive!

Also there are some new shows anounced. Check out the Tour-Section. In October we’re back home in Nuremberg with our Fellows from Hyrax an Vintage Vegas Violence partying the Luise Cultfactory all night long. Hope you’re with us!

Stay hard, Party Hard! You’re the Crew ;-)

30. Mai 2012:

Look out …

… for this shitty piece of paper, flying around Nuremberg ;-)

Flyer Omega

10. April 2012:

Six Finger Jack bei Star FM

Hey Rockers,

little talk with the guys from Star FM. Listen:

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31. März 2012:

Brand new EP out now

So far… check out the brand new EP. Wanna order? Cick here

17. Februar 2012:

sixfingerjack.com – Party, Hard und Rock im Web

Schaut euch um! Es folgen bald noch viele schöne Dinge! Reinschaun lohnt sich.

Party Hard!

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