17. Dezember 2012:

Snap Show next Friday and a new Fronter

We’re very proud to announce… tatatatatatatammmmmm… our new Fronter: Capt’n T. Bone!! New Band-Pics will be there soon! For sure!!

A big preview of his amazing voice and his awesome beautyness (beware of squirting girls in front of the stage… ;-)) you can see next Friday in Hersbruck (21.12.12).

Hopefully we meet some of your bitchin faces there!

After that we keep on rehearsing for the next Shows in 2013 in Nuremberg, Switzerland, Berlin, and so on … Also we’re recording a new Studio-Track, you’ve been waiting for so long. It will be released in Januar 2013, we hope so.

So, these are the facts from the front!

Keep on parting! Party Hard! And have a bitchin X-Mas! ;-)

B. Crown and Six Finger Jack